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Truly quality porcelain does not have to be pure white. Bopla! offers a range for all customers who enjoy original design, playful combinations of colour and unusual decor, inspiring porcelain for an unusual gourmet experience. The secret world of deep oceans, oriental fairytales with winged elephants or historical balloons... your dreams will come to life with Bopla! brand plates and cups. Forget motifs that have been repeated again and again and go for uniqueness and playfulness.

Bopla! originated ten years ago in Langenthal, in a small town in the middle of forested Switzerland. A porcelain company was established here in 1906, the products of which are still being sold around the world under the Suisse Langenthal with greater success then ever before. It is this porcelain, of the highest quality, that designers from the famous Langenthal design school have decorated and launched the famous era of Bopla! porcelain. Are you wondering what this name means? Then we can tell you that we were inspired by the French "beau plat", loosely translated as “beautiful plate“.

At first glance Bopla! porcelain can seem delicate, but do not be afraid. You can put cups and plates in the microwave and the dishwasher with a clear conscience. Thanks to their reinforced structure they will last much longer than cheaper Asian copies. Broken ears and cracked edges will be a thing of the past. And what it more – the porcelain is decorated using a special technique, so that the colours will remain as vivid as ever.